Each piece is handmade from silverware! It may be shocking that a spoon handle can become a unique ring but I make that magic happen & proud to have some customers who can wear these vintage forgotten pieces everyday!
I try to upload new products every two weeks. I always post on my Instagram a couple days before listing items on here to notify when the next drop will be. 
Each jewelry piece comes from preloved silverware so what I'm able to restock will depend on what i'm able to source. I try my best to look for popular designs but I can never promise I'll be able to restock something I've made in the past.
If you haven't already, sign up for my mailing list! I'll be sending out texts + emails when new products have been listed. And sometimes may send out some discount codes to use! 
As much as I'd love to be receiving your special pieces to be turned into jewelry daily, I am only one person making all these rings. So at the moment I am only taking limited custom orders a month. How this works : on the 17th of every month I post an IG story with a link to fill out a form to get your silver shipped to me. I do have some requirements for each piece as some are unable to be reworked. After getting in touch with you & receiving your silver you'll get sent back a special ring!
I offer US sizes 3-15. This includes half sizes. These rings are not adjustable so make sure you know your ring size before purchasing!
For any order issues please contact ringsbyjennyinc@outlook.com
Instagram ; @ringsbyjenny
Tiktok ; @jsspicyy